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Advising Fuel management solutions

Advising Fuel management solutions:

Enhancing the efficiency of systems consuming energy is one of the facets of managing the reduction of fuel consumption. Adopting specific fuel management plans it is possible to reduce 30-40 percent of the energy consumption in the country.

Developing oil seed plantations

Developing oil seed plantations:Developing oil seed plantations:

Crude vegetable oil is known as the first and the commonest sources of biodiesel feedstock  in the world. Although this source is one of the essential  edible sources and production of biodiesel can affect the food chain  our R&D team  has achieved some operative solutions for increasing the production of these edible sources(vegetables) in each acre . Iran Biodiesel Kish co. strives to offer it’s operative solutions to the agricultural section for development and improvement of oil seed plantations.

Developing the oil refineries and improving the processes of Cracking and Desulfurization

Developing the oil refineries and improving the processes of Cracking and Desulfurization:

CVR technology provides this possibility to finalize various types of chemical reactions with the highest percentage of yield and lowest costs in the shortest time. Controlling the destructive phenomenon of cavitation this technology causes shock in the fluid environment and the energy emitted will lead to the increase of heat in the fluid.


Establishing Biodiesel production lines

Establishing Biodiesel production lines:

Our Factory is honored to utilize its exclusive invented technology of CVR (Cavitation Reactor) in producing biodiesel. Employing this unique technology enjoying the solid catalyst system we are in a position to produce the highest performance biodiesel in the world .Concerning we would be pleased to establish and run the similar biodiesel plants in other parts of the world.


Joint venture investments on production of biodiesel and other biofuels

Joint venture investments on production of biodiesel and other biofuels:

There are other biofuels besides biodiesel including bioethanol,biomethanol ,biogas and biohydrogen which have high potentiality for investment in this period .Following our developing plans Iran Biodiesl Kish Co .is vision is  to provide the humanity with a smoother path in production of biodiesel .


Optimization of old biodiesel production lines

Optimization of old biodiesel production lines:

Biodiesel production processes can be classified into two general types.The first type which is the most commonly used in the world is the batch method.In this method which takes between two to twenty four hours, the reactors as well as the separation sections need the heat and mixing .Hence, this process is very costly and energy consuming .The second type is  the new processes involving continuous systems which are not much different from the batch method .However, the unique technology of our plant makes the production process more economical in terms of shortening the production time ,saving energy and reducing the space required. Therefore, it can be inferred that utilizing the exclusive CFR technology in producing biodiesel will be more economically justified than the usual technologies.  

Production of biodegradable polymers

Production of biodegradable polymers:

This type of polymers which have been produced in industrial scale from 1994 can be decomposed and turn in to compost in much shorter time (1-2 years) in comparison to the current common types of polymers (200-500 years). These types of polymers are very newly emerged and their production rate can not cover our local demand in currently.Iran Biodiesel Kish that through developing it's CVR technology and enjoying the high volume of it's produced glycerin has an appropriate potentiality in production of biodegradable polymers.


Production of Glycerin derivatives and usages

Production of Glycerin derivatives and usages:

Glycerin as a byproduct of this process with a high purity is usable in many industries. These industries are mainly pharmetical and polymer industries. Employing glycerin in polymer industry and particularly in the biodegradable polymers will lead to reduction of decomposition process in the waste material .Iran Biodiesel Kish co. intends to obviate the anxieties with regard to polymer pollutions in the environment by developments in this section.