Iran Biodiesel Kish Co

Iran Biodiesel Kish Co. is a pioneer in the newly emerged industry of biodiesel production in Iran established in Qeshm Island in 2009 .Having employed a unique technology denoted as CVR (Cavitation Reactor) the production time has been reduced in a fraction of second so that the massive production capacity in such a technology  will be 350,000 m.t which is an outstanding amount. This method will ultimately lead to reduction in the production costs.

Furthermore, As the result of applying the centrifuge technique for purification of biodiesel the impurity rate of the aqueous phase in the final product would be much less in this method. On the other hand the conversion coefficient biodiesel in our unique cold fusion reactor is more than 98 %( while this rate is 60% in the ordinary technologies) and consequently the amount of the remaining crude oil will be decreased. This process facilitates the oil production.

From the chemistry vantage point, it is outstanding to notice that the amount of soap impurities and KOH percentage will dramatically decrease by using a low amount of catalyst in this technology.

These advantages make our product more preferable than those of the current systems.

We produce and supply biodiesel and related by-products including glycerin to the domestic and worldwide markets. Iran intends to supply 12% of its biodiesel fuel from biodiesel. In this regard, Iran Biodiesel Kish Co. has established its plant and started this huge project in Qeshm Island to accelerate fulfilling this goal by 2011. Iran Biodiesel Kish Co. is also cooperating with local institutes, universities, and other organizations to educate the public about biodiesel and its many benefits.